April 30 – Audio-Book Released

To give the listener a true, cinematic experience, this Audiobook has been designed with movie-quality sound effects and an original score.

Lovers In The Fog – Chapter 3

Lovers In the Fog – Chapter 23

Lovers In the Fog – Chapter 42

Read & Performed by David Cooley
Original Score for the Audiobook
Composed & Performed by Steve “The Deacon” Hunter

Set in the late 80s, Lovers In The Fog is told by human rights attorney Luke Forsythe, who embarks on an obsessive solo drive up the east coast of the United States to rendezvous with the love of his life, a mystery woman who went missing a decade before.  The foggy ride forces Luke to confront the truth about his erotic love affair, his family, his suspenseful efforts to extricate dissidents from Gorbachev’s Russia and his run-ins with the KGB.  The end of the journey will trigger life-changing revelations and a replenished vision of life.

Produced by Boovies Entertainment, LLC.  Copyright © 2019

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