J100The Audio-Book of LOVERS IN THE FOG is a unique experience. To give listener a true cinematic feeling, we have designed the audio book with movie-quality sound effects and an original score. The sound effects are designed, edited and mixed by the award wining team: Christopher Harvengt and Charles Maynes. The original score for the audio book is written by legendary guitar player Steve “The Deacon” Hunter, who’s known for his exquisite guitar work with such bands as Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith and many more.

Release date: April 7, 2019, on Amazon, Audible & iTunes
Author: Hamlet Sarkissian
Marketing & PR:
Cover Art: Jonathan Davenport and Andrew Cremeans
Literary agent: Jerry Rudes

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Audiobook Samples

Lovers In The Fog – Chapter 3

Lovers In the Fog – Chapter 23

Lovers In the Fog – Chapter 42